Family Asset Management

Our Story

Protect Preserve Prosper

Founded in 2004, Family Asset Management (FAM) is an independent, registered investment advisory firm serving high net worth families, individuals, corporations, and foundations by providing holistic solutions that help their legacies thrive.


As trusted wealth and family advisors, we bring a keen understanding of the nuances of a family’s dynamics, needs, challenges, and goals; decades of knowledge and global experience; and a passion for helping clients prosper. Through sound strategies, we manage the business of family — both qualitative and quantitative
assets — with precision and integrity.


Often working in concert with attorneys, accountants, bankers, insurance agents, and real estate brokers, we act in our client’s best interests, creating a trust that becomes a treasured tradition for every generation that follows.


With an incomparable mix of curiosity, kindness, rigor, prowess, and passion, we help an array of clients — from multigenerational families to entrepreneurs to retired professionals — achieve the true, enduring prosperity that transforms lives and communities.